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(Except Shiatsu and Thai massage)

Massage Classes

Massage for Couples

Throughout time couples experience many transformations that can lead to negative impact on each others lives. We try to fill those empty spaces with material objects and will eventually continue in the same path of destruction. Saving a relationship takes two and maintaining one in a healthy state becomes very critical when time is not enough. Research shows that touch is an important factor for all relationships, and couples should be more aware of each others needs. One way to make this happen is by receiving a Massage for Couples class.

This class offers a new approach to communicate through touch and the focus will be to achieve trust with bonding. The class is set up in the privacy of your home and will last 2 hours. Within these two hours the two will learn massage techniques and practice on each other to make it a fun loving experience. Let’s make it a date and schedule your appointment now. I hope to see the two of you soon , both deserve to "Feel like a Star".

perfect for birthday gifts, valentines day, anniversaries, and daily lives together.
cost for each class/length 2 hours: $200. ( basic, intermediate, advanced )

  • Basic- introduction, history, techniques on the back
  • Intermediate- knowledge and practice in prone position and supine position
  • Advanced- full body session, test, certificate of completion

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"Love is space and time measured by the heart". Marcel Proust

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