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Massages in Space is the best and only therapeutic experience that offers a combination of styles within the reach of your world. We create awareness for your mind, body, and soul to be able to achieve your ultimate goals. Our philosophy follows three concepts, respect, honesty, and integrity which is applied to all the services. To view a list of our variety of Massage Therapies and Services, please click here. Thank you for your trust and support.

Our Mission Statement

Life is filled with many elements and takes you on different journeys. At certain times you stop and think about our existence and what is our purpose. Theres only one conclusion that can be determined ,"we all share the same universe ". So as the years go by , let us continue enjoying the beauty of life and allow ourselves to " feel like a star " with MASSAGES IN SPACE.

Why Choose Us?

"Love is space and time measured by the heart". Marcel Proust

Couples Massage Classes

Throughout time couples experience many transformations that can lead to negative impact on each others lives. We try to fill those empty spaces with material objects and will eventually continue in the same path of destruction. Saving a relationship takes two and maintaining one in a healthy state becomes very critical when time is not enough. Research shows that touch is an important factor for all relationships, and couples should be more aware of each others needs. One way to make this happen is by receiving a Massage for Couples class.

This class offers a new approach to communicate through touch and the focus will be to achieve trust with bonding. The class is set up in the privacy of your home and will last 2 hours. Within these two hours the two will learn massage techniques and practice on each other to make it a fun loving experience. Let’s make it a date and schedule your appointment now. I hope to see the two of you soon , both deserve to "Feel like a Star".

Perfect for birthday gifts, valentines day, anniversaries, and daily lives together. Cost for each class/length 2 hours: $200. ( basic, intermediate, advanced )

Swedish Massage (Mars & Venus) - Couples Massage Package

  • 60 minutes - $197
  • 90 minutes - $227

Deep Tissue Massage (Mars & Venus) - Couples Massage Package

  • 60 minutes - $227
  • 90 minutes - $297


Introduction, history, techniques on the back


Knowledge and practice in prone position and supine position


Full body session, test, certificate of completion

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Massage Therapy Menu

1. Earth (Swedish Massage) popular*

  • 60 minutes – $97
  • 90 minutes – $127

Description: Swedish massage involves long gliding strokes given at a slow and steady pace to reach levels of relaxation. Highly recommended for all.

2. Sun (Deep Tissue Massage) popular*

  • 60 minutes – $112
  • 90 minutes – $147

Description: Deep Tissue massage involves the use of pressure applied to the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to promote well being.
Highly recommended for all.

3. Constellation (Shiatsu Massage)

  • 60 minutes – $177
  • 90 minutes – $207

Description: Japanese form of massage meaning “finger pressure”. Shiatsu treats our body and mind as a whole and stimulates to find harmony.

4. Milky Way (Prenatal Massage)

  • 60 minutes – $117
  • 90 minutes – $147

Description: Prenatal massage involves the mother to be and fetus a combination of support through massage for structural, physiological and emotional well being.

5. Comet (Hot Stone Massage)

  • 60 minutes – $157
  • 90 minutes – $197

Description: Hotstone massage involves heated Basalt rocks that are smooth and flat which are placed on key points throughout the body.

6. U.F.O (Thai Massage)

  • 60 minutes – $177
  • 90 minutes – $207

Description: Thai massage also known as “nuat phaen boran” involves stretching and deep massage that is typically performed on the floor.

7. Star (Bamboo Massage)

  • 60 minutes – $127
  • 90 minutes – $157

Description: Bamboo sticks symbolize strength, eternal youth, prosperity and peace. Bamboo massage is applied with Swedish and Deep tissue techniques.

8. Astronaut (Sports Massage)

  • 60 minutes – $117
  • 90 minutes – $147

Description: Sports massage involves a participant of any athletic event that may address specific needs to a particular area and wants to prevent injury as well as promote healing.

9. Moon (Chair Massage) Call for details*

  • Call For Pricing & Details

Description: Chair massage involves basic massage movements that can allow your body to recover temporarily in any type of setting.

“Treat your employees and add this as a bonus”

10. Gravity (Family Therapy) Call for details*

  • 60 minutes – $100

Description: Gravity is seen as a natural phenomenon where physical bodies attract a force that is proportional to their mass. Number of sessions to be determined between client and therapist.

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Revised October of 2017
Copyright 2007 National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
NCBTMB certificants and applicants for certification shall act in a manner that justifies public trust and confidence, enhances the reputation of the profession, and safeguards the interest of individual clients. Certificants and applicants for certification will:
I.    Have a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality of care to those who seek their professional services.
II.    Represent their qualifications honestly, including education and professional affiliations, and provide only those services that they are qualified to perform.
III.    Accurately inform clients, other health care practitioners, and the public of the scope and limitations of their discipline.
IV.    Acknowledge the limitations of and contraindications for massage and bodywork and refer clients to appropriate health professionals.
V.    Provide treatment only where there is reasonable expectation that it will be advantageous to the client.
VI.    Consistently maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence, striving for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and through continued education training.
VII.    Conduct their business and professional activities with honesty and integrity, and respect the inherent worth of all persons.
VIII.    Refuse to unjustly discriminate against clients and/or health professionals.
IX.    Safeguard the confidentiality of all client information, unless disclosure is requested by the client in writing, is medically necessary, is required by law,  or necessary for the protection of the public.
X.    Respect the client’s right to treatment with informed and voluntary consent. The certified practitioner will obtain and record the informed consent of the client, or client’s advocate, before providing treatment. This consent may be written or verbal.
XI.    Respect the client’s right to refuse, modify or terminate treatment regardless of prior consent given.
XII.    Provide draping and treatment in a way that ensures the safety, comfort and privacy of the client.
XIII.    Exercise the right to refuse to treat any person or part of the body for just and reasonable cause.
XIV.    Refrain, under all circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, sexual activities, or sexualizing behavior involving a client, even if the client attempts to sexualize the relationship unless a pre-existing relationship exists between an applicant or a practitioner and the client prior to the applicant or practitioner applying to be certified by NCBTMB.
XV.    Avoid any interest, activity or influence which might be in conflict with the practitioner’s obligation to act in the best interests of the client or the profession.
XVI.    Respect the client’s boundaries with regard to privacy, disclosure, exposure, emotional expression, beliefs and the client’s reasonable expectations of professional behavior.  Practitioners will respect the client’s autonomy.
XVII.    Refuse any gifts or benefits that are intended to influence a referral, decision or treatment, or that are purely for personal gain and not for the good of the client.
XVIII.    Follow the NCBTMB Standards of Practice, this Code of Ethics, and all policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations, codes, and requirements promulgated by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.